XVI. Plan of Placement

The Units are offered directly by the General Partners of the Partnership on the terms and conditions set forth in this Memorandum. FINRA brokers and dealers may also offer units. The Partnership is offering the Units on a “best efforts” basis. The Partnership will use its best efforts to sell the Units to investors. There can be no assurance that all or any of the Units offered, will be sold.

A.  Escrow of Subscription Funds

Commencing on the date of this Memorandum all funds received by the Partnership in full payment of subscriptions for Units will be deposited in an escrow account. The Partnership has set a minimum offering proceeds figure of $125,000 for this Offering. The Partnership has established an Investment Holding Account with Chase, into which the minimum offering proceeds will be placed. At least 125,000 Units must be sold for $125,000 before such proceeds will be released from the escrow account and utilized by the Partnership. After the minimum number of Units are sold, all subsequent proceeds from the sale of Units will be delivered directly to the Partnership and be available for its use. Subscriptions for Units are subject to rejection by the Partnership at any time.

B.  How to Subscribe for Units

A purchaser of Units must complete, date, execute, and deliver to the Partnership the following documents, as applicable. All of which are included as part of the Investor Subscription Package:
  1. An Investor Suitability Questionnaire;
  2. An original signed copy of the appropriate Subscription Agreement;
  3. A Clovis ai, LLC; and
  4. A check payable to “Clovis ai, ” in the amount of $1.00 per Unit for each Unit purchased as called for in the Subscription Agreement (minimum purchase of 5,000 Units for $5,000).
Purchasers of Units will receive an Investor Subscription Package containing an Investor Suitability Questionnaire and two copies of the Subscription Agreement.
Subscribers may not withdraw subscriptions that are tendered to the Partnership (Florida, Georgia and Pennsylvania Residents See NASAA Legend in the front of this Memorandum for important information).