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Cellular Vital Watch with Gateway

The DR watch tracks multiple vitals through the watch and will also collect data from other equipment like a weight scale or pill dispenser and transmit the data to the healthcloud.
Intuitive Heart Rate Monitoring
The DR Watch is a fitness tracker with GPS and heart rate tracking built-in, monitors your heart rate during exercise and resting heart rate for a holistic picture of your heart health. Advanced heart rate sensor, can monitor your heart rate automatically every 5 minutes throughout the day.  DR will assess your overall performance with a personalized in-app report including your rest/average/maximum heart rate. You can see the heart rate graph in the app.
Sleep Monitor
The watch has a  slimmer design and a comfortable wrist band allowing your sleep pattern to not be interfered with. to not be interfered with. A good night’s sleep helps you wake up physically refreshed and mentally sharp. The Tracker monitors your sleep automatically, measuring deep sleep, light sleep, and wake-sleep. Get the most out of your nights with sophisticated sleep tracking.
Smart Connectivity
The DR  Watch makes it easy to transfer health vitals by accepting blue tooth transmissions from other home monitoring equipment and transferring this data cellularly to the health cloud.
Sedentary Alert
Counts steps, calories, and distance throughout the day, and the vibration alert motivates you to move when you have been sitting too long.
It helps you set goals. We all get busy and it’s easy to lose track of your health, and activity level on a daily basis. Your current lifestyle might mean you can hit these targets with ease.
Multi-Sport Tracking & Connected GPS
Tracks up to Multi exercises like Walking, running, cycling, fitness, treadmill, tennis, table tennis, badminton, and rope skipping. Connect to your phone’s GPS to see real-time run stats on your wrist, and a map of your route post-workout. These handy bits of high tech allow you to keep track of important stats such as how many calories you burned, how many steps you took, and so on.
Clovis Smart Watch is available with blue tooth technology and will automatically connect to the users cell phone or the clovis cellular gateway to transmit their vitals to the Health Cloud. The new Vital Watch can collect information traditionally not available to obtain outside of a hospital environment. As long as the watch is charged and on the patient’s wrist the data will be collected and stored in the healthcloud throughout the day and night. It will monitor the patients temperature, Blood Oxygen, Heart rate, blood pressure, activity and can detect if the patient has an abnormal heart rate. Then transmit the collected vitals through the users cell phone or the cellular gateway to the AI health cloud. The watch and the cellular connection is included with the  Clovis RPM solution package available for the medical community. patients vitals can be  be collected from their home and transferred to the internet through the combination of the watch and cellular gateway. Clovis will supply the home monitoring equipment and a registered nurse enabling the doctor to bill for RPM technical CPT code 99454 and the clinical CPT code 99457. If the doctor is not paid their isn’t any charge for the for the services.
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