Our software platform is available to use in its entirety or just a module that can be integrated into your companies existing platform.  Clovis software platform has been upgraded and thoroughly tested to meet all the requirements needed to qualify for the Medicare and Medicaid R P M reimbursement. With additional modules that include the requirements for the reimbursement code associated with CCM, RTM, Transitional Care, Wound Care Management, and Crowd health management.   Remote patient monitoring most common reimbursement CPT codes are 99454 and 99457. Our DR Watch can document most of the needed vitals and can also collect additional  information through our medication dispenser and weight scale. The watch will collect the data from the independent home monitoring equipment through blue tooth technology and upload these readings to the health cloud seamlessly without any human intervention.   99457 is the reimbursement code for the clinical responsibilities that must be documented by a licensed registered nurse and the nurse must also speak to the patient once per month. 99454 is the reimbursement code for the technical responsibilities that include a piece of home monitor equipment that can document the patients vital associated with the patient’s chronic condition and transfer this information to the health cloud. Our health cloud  houses the AI platform that can be connected through a personal cell phone or one of our other cellular gateways to send information to the health cloud.