Thank you for selecting the Clovis Vital Watch as your apparatus to transfer your health vitals to the Smart Health one on one health cloud. The watch is programmed to collect your personal health vitals every thirty minutes all day and night. Collecting data that has only been available in the past in a hospital setting. With the combination of the watch and your personal cell phone information about your health will be recorded and stored in the health cloud. The stored data will be monitored through our AI electronic nurse looking for trends. The trends will be reported to you and any other people who you include to see your information. You can share the data with one other person or multiple people including your doctor. To get started please charge the watch and download the cell phone application. From the app store search for smart health 1 on 1 and download the file to your phone. Put on the watch and press the plus sign on the bottom of your phone screen. Your cell phone will update your watch to the proper time and date and will register your watch to your phone. Wear your watch 24  7 and download the watch collected data on a daily basis to your health cloud by pressing the plus sign on your phone app.