Monitoring patients’ health from their home without connectivity in rural areas is expensive and difficult. Clovis AI is offering a cellular Smart watch that will monitor the patient 24/7 and alert the care giver and the patient if their vitals are trending badly or if the patient is needing attention. The Patient simply wears the watch and their vitals will be uploaded to our AI health cloud for monitoring. If one or more vital thresholds are breached by the patient a computer-generated phone call can be generated through the watch in real time. Based on the response of the patient determines where the alert will go next. The caregiver can respond directly to the patient in real time through the watch. The cellular watch is one of the multiple home monitoring equipment available through our rental program. Clovis offers multiple Bluetooth products that will function as cellular through the Smart Gateway. The patients simply test themselves and the vitals are transferred to the health cloud. The products include the pill dispenser that will electronically record medication adherence our weight scale that will document and monitor weight gain or loss through the health cloud, the blood pressure monitor is the most popular product and is available as a blue tooth that can connect to our cellular gateway or the blood pressure monitor can be supplied as a standalone product with cellular capabilities. Clovis also offers the body and ear thermometer and the finger pulse oximeter that monitors oxygen level with the heartbeat and to monitor the heart electrocardiogram reading we offer our hand-held ECG monitor. Clovis also offers a cellular solution for diabetes with the use of our smart glucose meter and testing supplies. The diabetic products can be sold to your company or can be supplied directly to the patient and billed to CMS through HCPC codes.