Welcome to this introduction video of Clovis RPM,  we are a license supplier of SunVision Medical who are the largest conglomerate  of rpm system manufacturers in Asia and currently expanding to the USA.  Clovis specializes in RPM rental programs that enable the doctor to enter the market without upfront cost or responsibility.  We Offer doctors the option to use our white glove service to fulfill all the Medicare requirements for reimbursement of CPT code 99454 and 99457. Including the direct to consumer fulfillment service available from our Daytona Beach Florida warehouse. Customer and medical professional support   is also available from our call center.  The product line offered by Clovis includes the diabetic testing supplies that have been in the market since 2016, and the other home monitor equipment that includes medication adherence dispenser, glucose meter, weight scale, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, thermometer, electrocardiogram monitor and Dexcom CGM glucose monitor. The equipment can be purchased separately or Clovis offers a rental package that includes the needed equipment and remote nursing service.