Clovis A I  upgraded vital watch is named the D R watch, coined from the 1950 super hero danger ranger.   The D R watch is designed to simplify Remote Patient Monitoring for the patient and the doctor. Enabling  the patient to seamlessly transfer their vitals to the internet without any interruptions in their daily activities. As long as the watch is charged and on the patient’s wrist the data collected day and night will be transferred to the healthcloud to monitor the patient for health trends. It will monitor and record the patients temperature, Blood Oxygen, Heart rate, blood pressure, activity, mood swings and can detect if the patient has an abnormal heart rate. The watch also has the smart gateway built in allowing data to be collected from other types of home monitor equipment like a blood pressure monitor, weight scale, medication dispenser, CGM and other FDA approved equipment.  The D R watch has the same capabilities as the Smart Vital Watch with the addition of cellular technology and a built in gateway.  Offering real-time vital transmission, GPS capability and two way communication with the health team or emergency services. If the user vitals are trending badly our A I electronic nurse will alert the user through text or IVR communication and if appropriate a live person from the care team will speak to the patient through the watch. The watch is designed to used for emergency situations, it knows where the emergencies is taken place, the previous health vitals leading up to the emergency and can enable communication between the first responders and the host.  The vital watch offers information about the user that will better define what the underlying health problem our and what problem may occur in the future . The user can implement communication by tapping three times on the watch face and the first responder will be the A I electronic nurse asking, is this an emergency if not who would they like to speak with.