Fast Measuring: Accuracy achieves ±0.1℃.The high sensitivity thermal mental probe with firm head design provides water washable and mercury-free use.

Beep Sound Notification: When the measurement is finished, the beep sound will give out automatically to remind you to check the result.
One Button Easy Operation: Press the button to start measuring. Can let the meter contact any part of the body preferably the forehead to get comfortable testing.
Clear LCD Display: Easy to read the directly shown data both at day and night.
Memory Function: Let you check the former result or do the comparison conveniently.
Battery Replaceable: Powered by button battery. Easy for you to replace the battery.
Two Way Measurement: Can measure the temperature of the human body and objects.

• Product Name: LCD Digital Thermometer
• Color: As Shown In The Pictures
• Body Measuring Range:0-42℃
• Measuring Time: About 10s
• Accuracy: ±0.1℃, 35.5-39℃
• Powered By AAA Battery (not included)
• Display: LCD Display With Backlit
• Working Condition: 5-40℃, RH≤80%
• Memory: Can Show The Tested Temperature Of Former One

Clovis has multiple home monitoring devices design for the RPM market. The body thermometer is one of the products that will transfer data to the internet through the cellular gateway The Smart Body Thermometer monitors your health from the comfort of your home. You can check body temperature without touching the skin and upload the reading seamlessly to the health cloud through the cellular gateways. The data will be monitored by the AI nurse and if the temperature is reading high the patient, family members and doctor will be notified by email, text, IVR or through a live operator.
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