Danger Ranger is the superhero brand identity of our new cellular watch that is capable of monitoring patient vitals day and night. If the watch is charged and on the patient’s wrist the data will be collected through the watch and transmitted to the health cloud and the EMR database. The watch is capable of monitoring the patient’s temperature, Blood Oxygen,  Heart rate, blood pressure, activity and if the patient has an abnormal heart rate.
Clovis has created a new package designed for companies who are monitoring a large volume of patients. The Clovis platform offers inexpensive IVR health check visits via the patient’s personal cell phone.  Through these periotic health checks and doctor visits the patients that are trending badly can be supplied the Danger Ranger cellular vital watch. These patients will be monitored through the AI platform with the focus on health trends. If the patient’s stats are trending badly, the medical professional can get involved or our remote nurses will follow predetermine protocols.