Clovis RPM Solution To The Medical Community 

Welcome to Clovis.  We specialize in Remote Patient Monitoring services. Including the equipment and software platform needed to bill Medicare CPT Code 99454 and the Clinical needs to bill CPT Code 99457. The equipment can transmit through a personal cell phone or can utilize the Smart Gateway and transmit cellularly without the need to pair to the phone.
Clovis also offers white glove service enabling resellers to brand the service and products under their own identity.

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Products Connect Through Cellular

(Internet or Cell Phone Not Needed)
Clovis offers cellular connectivity for our family of blue tooth home monitoring devices, enabling no touch transmissions to the Internet. With Real-Time transfer of data from the patient/user home to their health cloud without the need of user intervention. The personal data resides on a HIPPA Secure Server and is HL7 Compliant. The device is available under the Clovis identity or can be private labeled. 
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Clovis RPM Solution Include Registered Nurse & Clerical Support

The all inclusive start up package offered by Clovis includes everything needed for RPM. The technical and clinical requirements of CMS will be provided. This includes the 20 minutes of registered nursing time required for CPT Code 99457 that also includes the help of our clerical staff to engage the patients in the monitoring of their health. Resulting in better disease management by giving patients the tools and support to self-monitor.

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Rewarding Patients For Being Engaged & Earning Three Star Status

Rewards work in all markets and should be very successful in the healthcare industry. The majority of people feel that they should be rewarded for making the right choices in life and lowering the cost of healthcare.

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