XI.  Current Partners

The following table contains certain information 6-30-2022 as to the number of units beneficially owned by (i) each person known by the Partnership to own beneficially more than 5% of the Partnership’s units, (ii) each person who is a Managing Member of the Partnership, (iii) all persons as a group who are General Partners and/or Officers of the Partnership. Ownership of Units held by these members is expressed as a percentage of the six million units authorized to be issued by the Partnership.
Name Position Current % Units
Mack Bryson Managing Director 15% 900,000
HME LLC Managing Member 23% 1,385,000


Footnotes: Value Added

HME Technology is supplying Clovis with the software and the source code that can be altered to meet the needs of Clovis ai and all changes made will be exclusive to Clovis. Victor Trani will be representing the HME Technology interest in Clovis ai.