Clovis offers their clients the option to private label their home monitoring equipment by purchasing sleeves and substantially lowering the traditional cost of private labeling products. Information is readily available through the internet that enables a buyer to know where the same product can be purchased and who has the best price within a millisecond amount of time. Private labeling of your product will help secure your profit margins. Information has been the primary ingredient for success since the beginning of civilization. With the use of the internet all the information about the world is available to anyone at any time in any language. When you brand your own product, it builds clout and protects your business. Most of Clovis products are stock in plain white boxes  You simply buy the sleeves with your name and box design.  Rather than costing you $50,000 or more per product to buy the quantity necessary to qualify for a private label you only purchase the sleeve. The manuals for the products will be available on your website  The selection of products available for private label through a sleeve consist of the smart vital watch. The Bluetooth weight scale and cellular gateway.   Handheld ECG monitor, Pulse oximeter and thermometer will be available in white boxes where sleeves can be purchased in the fall of 2023.