VIII. Management Compensation

There is no accrued compensation that is due any member of Management. Each Manager will be entitled to reimbursement of expenses incurred while conducting Partnership business. Member Units of the company will be paid to the management team in lieu of their salary until the company can afford the salaries.
Management reserves the right to reasonably increase salaries assuming the business is performing profitably, and Partnership revenues are growing on schedule. Any augmentation of these salaries will be subject to the profitability of the Business and the effect on the Business cash flows. Current and projected Management salaries paid in cash or Units for the next 12 months are dependent upon cash flow, sales volume, and funds raised in the Offering.
Both Mack Bryson as Managing Director / CEO, and Victor Trani as Managing Member / CFO for the benefit of HME Technology, are “penciled in” for salaries of $60,000 each in the first year of operations. However, the Partnership expects that each of them will accrue Units in lieu of cash salary in the initial months until cash flow turns positive. The salaries set forth in Exhibit E: Forecast titled “Personnel: FY2023 (1 of 2)” are purposely overstated for illustrative purposes and will likely be substituted by the option to accept Units in whole or in part by a significant portion.