VII. Management

At the present time: two individuals are actively involved in the management of the Limited Partnership. The Managers are:
  • Mack Bryson – Managing Director
  • Victor Trani – Managing Member representing HME Technology Inc.
Mack W. Bryson is a co-founder and principal partner of Clovis AI, LLC, an independent software and device manufacturing organization specializing in customized solutions for self-insured employers, hospitals, physician groups, and long-term care facilities. A seasoned veteran and noted pioneer of the health-risk management industry, Mr. Bryson brings to clients more than 40 years of experience in developing proven cost-containment strategies for health plans and healthcare-services providers.
Victor Trani is the CEO of HME Technology Inc. who designed and built the software platform and firmware that is embedded into the Clovis Router and is authorized by HME Technology Inc. to function as the managing member of Clovis ai LLC.