Clovis offers everything the medical professional needs to supply remote patient monitoring to their patients. In this video we discuss the technical portion of RPM payable through cpt code 99454.  The Technical products that is available through Clovis is centered around the cellular gateway’s that collects the readings from our medication dispenser,  glucose meter, weight scale, blood pressure monitor, Pulse oximeter, thermometer,  ECG monitor and transmits these readings seamlessly 24/7 to the health cloud. The same engineering management team has been developing our software platform for more than a decade. We consider our platform to be the most advanced RPM health cloud platform submitted to  CDC.  With features that include Cellular connectivity from any location that has cellular service with the use of our cellular gateway and unique sim card  that seeks out the strongest signal in the area and connects without any user involvement.  A large percentage of the elderly is not comfortable in using their cell phone to transfer data to the internet because of confusion or just not cooperative. The new DR Watch offers the ability to track vitals through sensors built into the watch and is included as part of the technical offering.   Built into the DR Watch is gateway technology that allows other products offered to connect to the health cloud through the watch and upload daily readings. This includes our medication dispenser, glucose meter and weight scale.