Clovis Start to Finish Plans

Clovis ai management team are a collection of professionals that came from different divisions of the healthcare industry. Each of these individuals developed priceless knowledge and relationships during the past twenty years while being employed through other organizations.

Mack Bryson began his career in the Managed Care industry. Managing the health of employees for self-insured companies he learned firsthand the healthcare savings that could be realized by keeping a watchful eye on the people who were living with a chronic condition.

Remote Patient Monitoring a division of Telehealth became reimbursable in mainstream healthcare that included: Medicare, Medicaid and Private Insurance companies. Because of Mack years of experience managing the health of people from home he knew that the biggest problem was obtaining their vitals. He knew that a large percentage of people would not or could not transmit the data from home. Medicare pilot conclusions also supported his discoveries and based their reimbursement to the medical professional in 2019 stipulating a minimum of 16 days of patient vital test results must be transmitted. Mack worked with a manufacturer/importer to design and create a cellular device that doesn’t need internet or be coupled with a personal cell phone to transmit to the health cloud.

With the help of Dev Watson and Gene Thomson, Mack was able to acquire a sizeable business from Georgia Physician Group that is made up of hundreds of doctors and a large ACO in Mississippi that also incorporates hundreds of doctors within their hospitals and rural clinics. The opening orders were supplied, and then larger orders immediately followed. 50% of the population 65 and older qualifies to be offered home monitor equipment and be monitored by their physician from home.

The industry is expected to explode, and Mack’s new product could play an important role in this growth. Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) was introduced by Medicare in 2019 and is poised to be the next trillion-dollar industry. In 2021 the market soared to 90 billion and is expected to hit 600 billion in 2028. Consequently, Clovis ai LLC was created for the sole purpose of having a successful launch and selling the company to a larger entity that can affordably launch the product nationally.

The current doctors who have pending orders with Clovis ai collectively have six thousand patients that has one or more chronic condition and qualify for Remote Patient Monitoring. These six thousand patients will generate a reoccurring annual sales volume for Clovis of $4,000,000. The industry normally calculates the value of healthcare companies with reoccurring income at an 8 to 1 formula. With your investment, Mack and his management team, is certain that they can accomplish signing up six thousand patients within 24 months.

And confident that the sale of the company could also include a royalty to be paid to the investors for each Clovis Router supplied to the market.