The Clovisai Cloud is Light Years Ahead of Their Competition. Take a Look And See it For Yourself.

The Clovis software platform combined with Clovis cellular capabilities demonstrates what can be accomplished when connecting the right sources. Three groups of engineers located in the USA, Philippines and India collectively work to build the platform and the firmware that is embedded into the home monitoring equipment prior to leaving the factory. It doesn’t matter what state or country the equipment is sent to the Clovis Router will connect to the equipment seamlessly and to the internet. The built in sim card looks for the strongest signal and connect to this service provider.

CMS Created and Implemented Three CPT Codes That Indirectly Reimburses for Clovis Router and the Software Platform

Patient Engagement

Proven methods for CPT 99457

Connected Devices

New CPT Codes provide additional reimbursement opportunities for remote monitoring of patient health data

Blood Pressure Blue Tooth

Weight Scale Cellular

Pulse Ox Blue Tooth

Weight Scale Blue Tooth

Body Thermometer Blue Tooth

Glucometer Blue Tooth

ECG Blue Tooth

Activity Watch Blue Tooth

Medication Tracker Blue Tooth

Blood Pressure Cuff Cellular

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