Doctor Pilot Offering


Clovis is offering a pilot to 20 doctors who would each agree to sign up 100 patients that have Medicare and co-insurance to Remote Patient Monitoring service. The Clinical and Technical responsivities will be supplied by Clovis which includes a Cellular Router, blood pressure cuff and the software platform for the technical portion of RPM and will also include a remote registered nurse to perform the clinical responsibilities of RPM.   

The doctor will be charged $60.00 per month per patient for only the patients who are reimbursed by Medicare for the CPT Code 99454 & 99457.

Based on 100 patients the doctor will receive $136,488  for the year and after deducting Clovis charge for their services of $72,000 the doctor will profit $64,488. In addition the doctor will receive $5,000 for participating into the pilot or 25,000 units of Clovis.