Clovis  offers rewards with the RPM solution package.   From airline frequent flyers to auto parts bonus buys, American consumers are consumed by loyal-customer incentive reward schemes. It works in retail. And not surprisingly, this proliferation of engaging programs through rewards for the consumer has already taken roots in corners of the healthcare industry. The public (meaning patients and prospective patients) wants to be financially rewarded for being actively engaged in their health, according to a new study, “the vast majority of consumers believe there should be a connection between healthy habits and financial reward. 80 percent of consumers, want to be paid for taking such actions as losing weight, exercising, and complying with their medication regimen. With the assistance and approval of the doctor our company can reward the patients who “do the right thing” by supplying them additional home testing devices to support their good habits of being engaged in their health. The patients who will be rewarded the new equipment is based on the quarterly star rating that the a i software system creates for the patient. The formula of calculating each star from one to five has algorithms in place that measures many different factors. For an example testing vitals as prescribed by the doctor is worth three stars if the testing isn’t performed nothing else has value. If the patient is communicating with the nurse each month for the 90-day period is worthy of another star and during the 90-day time frame the a i software will measure if the patient is trending healthier results and that is also worthy of another star. If the patient has a five-star rating during the 90-day period another piece of home medical testing device will be supplied to the patient or they can select a product from the online gift store.