Mack W. Bryson, CEO

Mack W. Bryson is a co-founder and principal partner of Clovis AI, LLC, an independent software and device manufacturing organization specializing in customized solutions for self-insured employers, hospitals, physician groups, and long-term care facilities. A seasoned veteran and noted pioneer of the health-risk management industry, Mr. Bryson brings to clients more than 40 years of experience in developing proven cost-containment strategies for health plans and healthcare-services providers.

Mr. Bryson began his career in the risk management/health care field in 1975. After initially working for self-insured employers, he founded a fee-based, risk management consulting firm focusing on the prevention and management of chronic conditions for employer health plans. As a result of his research, initiatives and findings, he became the first consultant/counselor in employee benefits to be recognized by the Society of Risk Management Consultants for membership in the SRMC.

In 1997, Mr. Bryson founded Currahee Health Benefits Solutions, which proactively managed chronically ill individuals covered under self-insured employer health plans. Currahee embraced the philosophy that a chronic care management company must encourage plan members – even the lowest paid and least educated – to enroll in preventative healthcare programs and hold them accountable for their performance in order to bring about long-term behavioral change and cost containment. Bryson perfected incentives for appropriate medication use by program participants and introduced the use of personally assigned Registered Nurses as an alternative to the call center approach that was then prevalent. As a result of its successes, Newt Gingrich cited Currahee in his 2003 book, Saving Lives and Saving Money: Transforming Health and Healthcare, stating that “Currahee Health Benefits Solutions is one of the most effective health management programs we have seen.”

In 2005, Mr. Bryson merged Currahee into a new company he co-founded, HealthScreen Disease Management, LLC. His marketing strategies resulted in more than 95 percent of all sales for HealthScreen from 2005 to 2010. In 2017, Bryson launched Test-n-Share Inc., for the purpose of supporting chronic care management programs through physician groups, hospitals, and self-insured employers by providing advanced Bluetooth enabled monitoring devices and customized software platforms.

Mr. Bryson holds a BBA from the University of Georgia.