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People manage how they live their lives and how they spend their money differently from one and another. What one person considers to be fun in some cases could be another’s person worse nightmare!

It is similar in the way that the public views Investing into a start up company some people would consider it to be similar to jumping off a cliff while blindfolded! Others may consider the investment as an opportunity, similar to investing into Microsoft or bitcoin at their start up.

Please take a close look at this offer being presented to you by Clovis ai,  it is much more than a start up company needing funding. Clovis is a company needing money to fulfill pre sold orders with a high demand for more to follow.

The CEO Mack Bryson, invested his own funds to develop the product and because of the uniqueness of his creation and the growing demand for this product in the market,  his original business plan of a slow and steady growth will not work as planned. The home health monitoring market two years ago was a niche business prior to the Covid outbreak.  Covid was and still is a horrible disease however because of Covid the general public accepted being monitored from home by their doctors and what should had taken the public years to accept was embraced within a few months by everyone subsequently the original slow growth business plan developed by Clovis ai is not feasible within our new world.

The industry demand for products to monitor patients from home is exploding but what did Clovis develop that is special from other products on the market? Clovis developed cellular router that enables other blue tooth devices to transmit seamlessly to the internet without the hassle of connecting through a cell phone or internet to transfer test results. The patients simply test their vitals and the equipment does the rest!

A large percentage of the Medicare population prefers to use cellular products but up until Clovis products were created the cost of cellular devices were far to expensive to supply. Clovis ai was able to lower their cost of their router by lowering the cost of the cellular usage and eliminating the traditional contract normally associated with cellular transmission devices.

The router is manufactured with a special sim card that can connect to all commercial carriers. As long as there is a cellular signal in the area our sim card will connect and transfer the test results.

The cellular equipment also needed artificial intelligent software platform to receive and store the data. This was created through HME Technology, they are a pioneer in the telehealth industry. HME agreed to redesign their existing platform to meet Clovis cellular needs and charge a service and support fee for their services rather than the traditional charge up front for the programming.

Who buys the equipment that Clovis is offering to the market? No One! The equipment is not being sold. It is bundled with the Clovis platform and offered to the doctor as a rental package for $720 annually. The doctor is reimbursed for the remote patient monitoring service through Medicare on an average of $1,224 annually. All cost affiliated with monitoring the patient from home is included in the Clovis rental fee. The doctor has very little involvement and no out of pocket expense to implement the service and maintain the service to the patient. Just a monthly rental fee of $60 per patient per month is billed to the doctor and Medicare reimburses the doctor $102.

The average doctor has 500 patients who will qualify and want to participate in being monitored from home thus creating the doctor a windfall of additional income. After paying Clovis rental charge the doctor will profit $254,000 annually! The beauty of this business, it is needed for the doctor to be reimbursed for RPM. Similar to solar energy our market will continue to grow.

As of September 2021, the total number of active physicians in the United States was 1,062,205 and as of October 2021 the total Medicare enrollment was 63,964,205 patients. With over 1,000,000 doctors servicing 63,000,000 patients, Clovis management team is confident of signing up a minimum of 100 doctors thus generating $36,000,000 annually of reoccurring revenue!

You maybe wondering how is this new expense for Medicare sustainable it will cost Billions? It will cost Billions, however it will also save Medicare hundreds of billions and more importantly create healthier lives!

Medicare spending will reach $1 trillion in 2022 and the only way to sustain our current healthcare system is by monitoring people from home and  helping to prevent emergency visits and needless hospital stays. By the use of our software the patient and healthcare provider will be notified if there is a concern prior to the healthcare emergency and thus create a better life for the patient and lower down the healthcare expense.

By investing into Clovis ai you can be apart of saving lives,  lowering the cost of healthcare and, we believe, you will substantially increasing your net worth.

Thank you for your time and consideration.