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In an era of unprecedented transformation in healthcare from “fee-for-service” to “value-based care,” Clovis AI emerges as a pioneer, leveraging Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM), and Personal Emergency Response Services (PERS) to revolutionize patient care. By harnessing the power of advanced technology, Clovis AI is dedicated to improving outcomes for patients with chronic conditions, facilitating rehabilitation and recovery, and ensuring immediate assistance for the elderly in emergency situations. This executive summary outlines the extensive benefits of the Clovis AI RPM Program, the innovative solutions offered by our RPM Rental Program, and the integration of Behavioral Health services, setting a new standard in patient-centric healthcare.

Clovis AI RPM Program Benefits

Clovis AI has strategically positioned itself to address the evolving needs of Medicare patients across various healthcare markets. Our program is uniquely equipped with:

  • Immediate Inventory Availability: Ensuring direct-to-home delivery for rapid deployment.
  • Comprehensive Support: Incorporating registered nurses and a robust software platform to meet the requirements of CPT Codes 99457 and 99454, respectively.
  • Emergency Services: Offering PERS for critical, timely interventions.
  • Inclusive Coverage: Qualified to supply FQHC Patients and capable of direct billing to Medicare and Medicaid.
  • Technological Proficiency: With more than two decades of continuous development, the Clovis AI RPM Program software platform stands at the forefront of remote medical monitoring innovation. Designed to meet any remote monitoring need, it seamlessly integrates with current Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems, facilitating enhanced participation in CMS-driven reimbursement incentives for Medicare beneficiaries within the program. 
  • Product Support: Providing unmatched home monitoring equipment product support.

Clovis AI RPM Rental Program Advantages and Solutions

The Clovis AI RPM Rental Program is designed to overcome common barriers in RPM implementation through:

  1. Cost Management: Eliminating upfront equipment costs to make RPM accessible for all healthcare providers.
  2. Rural Connectivity: Utilizing the Cellular Gateway Watch to ensure participation even in remote areas with no internet.
  3. Reimbursement Support: Offering expert billing and coding support to maximize reimbursement opportunities.
  4. Staffing Solutions: Streamlining care with group RPM alerts and optional Nurse-on-Demand services.
  5. Enhancing Patient Compliance: With patient reminders, staff alerts, gamification, and direct shipping to encourage program adherence.
  6. Simplifying Vendor Management: A single-source solution supporting a wide range of devices and vital sign measurements.
  7. Efficient Data Management: Featuring intuitive dashboards, APIs, RPA routines, and EMR integration for seamless data handling.

Behavioral Health Integration

Clovis AI is at the forefront of integrating Behavioral Health into RPM, collaborating with mental health facilities to address medication adherence and stress management. Our mobile application and the DR Cellular Vital Watch facilitate critical communication channels, providing a scalable model for enhancing mental health care and suicide prevention efforts.

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) Expansion

Our introduction of RTM signifies a major advancement in healthcare monitoring, allowing for the comprehensive tracking of patient rehabilitation and recovery. This extension not only improves patient care but also introduces new revenue opportunities for Clovis AI, underscoring the financial and therapeutic benefits of RTM.

Personal Emergency Response Services (PERS)

The integration of PERS into our DR Cellular Watch and Smart Health 1-on-1 app exemplifies our commitment to comprehensive patient care, offering immediate help via 2-way voice response with the press of a button. This service expansion aims to double our revenue streams from RTM and PERS, highlighting our holistic approach to healthcare.

The DR Cellular Watch: A Unified Monitoring Solution

The DR Cellular Watch is the cornerstone of our technology, serving as a gateway to our HIPAA-secure health cloud. It monitors vital health metrics, connects with various health devices, and integrates seamlessly with our Smart Health 1-on-1 App. This all-encompassing device ensures that Clovis AI remains at the cutting edge of healthcare technology.

Market Opportunity and Vision

The need for RPM is more critical than ever, with a growing market that presents vast opportunities for Clovis AI and its partners. As healthcare continues to evolve, our comprehensive suite of services, innovative technology, and patient-centered approach position us to lead the way in transforming healthcare delivery, improving patient outcomes, and seizing the burgeoning market potential.

Exit Strategy

Investors engaging with Clovis AI can anticipate a strategic exit within a timeframe of 2 to 3 years, bolstered by the scalability of our revenue streams. Our financial model is underpinned by the breadth of our partnerships, spanning from independent medical practitioners to Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), and augmented by endorsements from healthcare insurers and licensed providers. These partnerships aim to mitigate the frequency of hospital and emergency room visits by leveraging real-time data analytics for early detection of critical health trends, facilitating timely and cost-effective medical interventions.

In line with models seen in other industries with subscription-based revenue streams, such as telecommunications, software services, and media, our business commands a premium valuation. Typically, businesses in this category can attract valuations up to eight times their annual recurring revenue, owing to the stability and predictability of their income. Driven by the mission to onboard hundreds of thousands of patients and secure millions in monthly recurring revenues, Clovis AI is poised to deliver substantial financial returns to our investors by the culmination of 2026.


Clovis AI is setting new standards in the delivery of healthcare services. Through our advanced RPM, RTM, and PERS solutions, backed by the DR Cellular Watch, we are not just keeping pace with the changing landscape of healthcare but actively shaping its future. Our commitment to innovation, patient care, and market leadership makes Clovis AI a valued partner in healthcare transformation.

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