Danger Ranger Watch Assembled in The USA This Year 2024

Clovis offers the first cellular vital watch with a built-in gateway assembled in China and will also be assembled in the USA. It has the ability to track personal vitals and also collect data from standalone equipment and transfer this data through the cellular watch to the health cloud. Any product that offers blue tooth technology can also be recognized by the watch and transmit the test results seamlessly to the internet with a little cooperation from the manufacture. The watch is FDA Cleared to monitor the host health vitals from their wrist that include  Temperature, Blood Oxygen, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure,  Activity, Sleep Tracking, Stress Level, and abnormal heart rate and only require the pill dispenser, glucose meter and weight scale to monitor the full assortment of vitals.  The watch will monitor the host’s basic health vitals from their wrist and from standalone products that include the Pill Dispenser capable of reminding the host to take the medication than documenting the date and time when it was taken.  The firmware embedded into the DR Watch is designed to receive blue tooth transmissions from the pill dispenser and the other standalone products then upload the collected data to the health cloud using cellular service. The DR Watch will remind the host when it is time to take their medication and record the time and date when the medication was taken. As the patients’ medical Professional, the DR Watch gives me information that is traditionally not available. Knowing if and when the medication is taken is good information. Fifty percent of people who arrive in the emergency room over the age of sixty-five is related to under or over medicated. Also, the Smart Diabetes Glucose Meter communicates with the watch enabling the glucose meter to transmit cellularly without the additional expense of another sim card.  Smart Diabetes glucose meter is FDA approved and designed for home monitoring use. The meter and software has too many features to discuss all of them in this video. However, the meter exceeds all the requirements a doctor would want and there is no need for the patient to use a logbook to record readings. I can be alerted by text, email, or IVR if the patient is trending badly and needs assistance. I can also connect to my patients by text, email or speak to them through the watch. The vital Weight Scale from Clovis will also be transmitted through the watch to the internet . The third market is the personal emergency response service referenced as Pers. There are many different companies marketing this business and they all have different apparatus they offer to their clients. Nothing they offer can also be utilized for the RPM or FQHC markets.
As a pharmacy serving the doctor’s patients, I have the capability to provide the DR Watch to patients through the doctor’s prescription for RPM or RTM and can also offer the patient the add on service of personal emergency service. This opens up another revenue stream for my pharmacy and also gives the patient an affordable and innovative solution that wasn’t available before the introduction of the DR Watch.  The DR Watch, equipped with GPS and the capability to gather clients’ stats before an emergency, offers immense value to first responders and medical teams awaiting the ambulance’s arrival at the emergency room. By simply tapping the watch face three times, the client activates an emergency alert. Following this, the built-in cellular sim card allows the emergency response assistant to communicate with the client, and this communication can be directly transferred to the emergency team.
If you are a hospital or accountable care organization that wants to set up your outpatients for RPM, you can give them the watch and possibly sign the patient up for Pers at the same time. Pers as a standalone cash business for the hospital is a rewarding opportunity for a new revenue stream and offers great savings for the patient to participate. If you are a pharmacy or a retail outlet store stocking the watch for local doctors to have an outlet to send patients is a valuable opportunity however when you add in the recurring revenue stream from Pers the watch becomes more attractive. RPM and Pers are both booming markets and you only need to stock one item to get volume from both markets.