Using a control solution to run a check on your meter and test strips are working can give you peace of mind.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) suggests using control solution:

Every time you open a new container of test strips
Occasionally as you use the container of test strips
If you drop the meter
Whenever you get unusual results (high or low)

Control Solution Tips
Things to keep in mind about control solution

Discard an open vial after 90 days. When you open a new vial, write the date on it.
Discard expired solution, even if unopened.
Check the range of glucose values. Many systems require two vials of the solution: one checks values in the low range, the other in the high range. Often both vials are sold together.

Ask your doctor for a prescription. Many insurance plans (including Medicare Part B) include coverage for a control solution, but you’ll need a prescription.

Price Including RPM Service $4.50 with two box minimum for free freight. (Freight Included)