We researched the two known brands of Monitoring Watches that include Fitbit and Apple to see how they compare in features and cost to our new Smart Vital Watch.

Apple: Well-known and respected, Apple makes smartwatches in a variety of options for consumers for its iOS ecosystem.

Fitbit: Always has a wide line of products, both fitness trackers and smartwatches. Quality is high but the prices can be steep compared to newcomers.

Smart Vital Watch: Our product specializes in communication directly to the doctor. The watch is offered at no charge to the user as part of the Remote Patient Monitoring program supported by Medicare/Medicaid and private insurance companies.

                                                                     Smart Vital Watch


The Smart Vital Watch offers features that Apple and Fitbit can not compete with. However the Smart Vital Watch is designed for the 65 years of age and older. It isn’t marketed as a fashion statement or as a sign of success. It simply monitors the user and focuses on keeping the person healthier.



                                                                Apple Watch Series 7

Last year’s champion, the Apple Watch remains an all-around great product, with great health and safety features such as ECG, fall detection, blood oxygen, etc. The battery life, however, is limited. Based on our tests, we had to charge the watch every 2 days or so in order to avoid running out of battery during the day. In comparison, the smart vital watch has a 8+ day battery life. Also, you will need to spend between $399 and $799 (+ tax) to get the new Apple Watch. The Smart Vital Watch can be purchased for under $150 on Amazon or Walmart however most of the millions of qualified Medicare recipients will not be charged. The product is included in the government RPM program that is sweeping the nation.





                                                                 Fitbit Versa 3

As usual, Fitbit brings a product with great performance and design, but at a steep price. The new Versa 3 is $229.95. Fitbit has a lot of experience in activity tracking, and their acquisition of Pebble helped them expand their product line. For the people who want to spend more money to impress their friends than Fitbit or Apply will fit their needs. Smart Vital Watch is about documenting the users vitals and transmitting them to a healthcloud for the doctor to view. The doctor is paid by Medicare to supply the watch and to monitor the patient from home. It is not the same as Fitbit and Apple. Smart Vital Watch is not a new IOT to play with. Smart Vital Watch is a intraget tool in monitoring the user remotely.