Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Remote Therapy Monitoring (RTM) have proven their worth in managing those with chronic illnesses. The recent pandemic highlighted the value of these concepts, but also exposed a glaring issue. Even though the RPM/RTM fields moved to Bluetooth technology, its effectiveness is mitigated with the need of a smartphone, the majority of the world’s population have cell phones, however over 60% can not or will not use this technology as a hub to transmit data to their health cloud. For this population, the challenge of getting real time, credible clinical values to the clinician was exposed by the recent pandemic. Clovis RPM was formed to overcome the issue of the clinician being able to collect credible clinical values from those participating in RPM/RTM programs. The Clovis router is designed to address the patient with no smartphone or lacks the ability/comfort in downloading through our mobile app. The goal of Clovis RPM is to create an environment for those offering RPM/RTM in which no patient is left behind due to technology. Coupled with the Clovis RPM platform and Clovis router, RPM/RTM can be provided through traditional Bluetooth technology. With the Clovis router, Clovis RPM has positioned itself to take the lead in this area of technology. We feel this puts Clovis RPM at least two years ahead of the industry. While others are playing catch up, Clovis RPM is already looking ahead to the next leap forward in this area of technology and management. Mack W. Bryson Chief Executive Officer