The Clovis router is cellular and offers a simple method to test and track your health vitals from home. Just plug it in and start testing your vitals. The router will collect the data and forward it to your care team.
The router makes the process of transferring the physiologic data seamless through cellular technology in concert with the home monitoring equipment that can be purchased separately from amazon or Walmart or purchased together. It is available to most people over the age of 65 at no cost. The equipment is part of Medicare RPM service.
Clovis Router provides vital communication link between providers and their patients outside the clinical settings and helps avoid unnecessary ER visits hospitalizations and readmissions.
The Georgia Physician Group recently did a pilot using the Router and discovered many of the technical complexities surrounding the use of the customers cellphone have now been eradicated with the plug and play solution that Clovis offers. Previous obstacles to widespread RPM adoption were inadequate reimbursement, challenging claims processing and technological complexities have effectively been eliminated over the last two years by health authorities. With the recent changes in Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement and guideline changes enable the doctor to supply the Clovis Router with the needed home monitor equipment and be reimbursed for all the expenses within the first month of billing. Enabling the doctor to participate in RPM without of any out-of-pocket expense. Through the combination of RPM and the Router the patient should maintain a healthier life, lower the patient’s healthcare expense to Medicare and substantially increase the physician’s practice income.
The data collected by the Clovis Router and massaged by the ai clovis health cloud will engage the patient as an active participant enabling their care team to view their test results of blood pressure, weight, blood glucose and others as prescribed in the care plan in real time. Creating a health history not seen in the past.
The Router will only be sold to the industry through resellers who supply the doctors or who supply direct to consumer. They can supply the product under the brand name of Clovis or private label under a different name.
Included with the purchase of the Router are a listing of the home monitoring testing devices that were designed to work with aiclovis health cloud out of the box.   Just install batteries and the testing device will automatically connect to the router and the date and time will be uploaded to the device and ready for use. The firmware embedded into the products during the manufacturing process prior to shipping to the market retailers is prepared to search for the Clovis router out of the box. It does not matter if the product is purchased online from Amazon or from the shelf of brick and mortar store the product will work with the Clovis Router when taken out of the box.
The other products that were re-engineered for the use of the Clovis Router include the ECG, Blood Pressure, Weight Scale, Pulse Ox, Thermometer, Continuous glucose monitoring and activity watch.
A question you may have is how can Medicare afford to offer all these services when they are expecting to go broke by 2026, just 61 years after the creation. RPM will cost billions of dollars however the changes RPM will create in the health care system will save Medicare much more by lowering expensive hospital visits and ER emergencies.