Exhibit A

Business Plan


Clovis ai management team are a collection of professionals that came from different divisions of the healthcare industry. Each of these individuals were working with Mack Bryson, the CEO and founder of Clovis, prior to the company’s existence. Each of them recognized the importance and the industry need of the product and helped Mack in bringing it to the market.

Discovering business opportunities, in itself, does not create value. To achieve the benefits, you must choose to pursue the opportunities and take steps to exploit them.

Mack has been one of the pioneers in the Telehealth industry for a large portion of his career in the manage care market. Where they embraced the concept of monitoring people from home years before Medicare implemented and offer reimbursement to the doctors.

Because of Mack’s lengthy experience in manage care he knew that the industry needed a product that was not yet available. Even though the reimbursement from Medicare was very lucrative without the creation of this product it would not have the expected success. 56% of the Medicare community cannot or will not utilize technology to the extent of transferring data to the internet through the use of a cell phone.

Mack found the means to manufacturer the samples and develop the software through a vendor he had done business with for years. The vendor was in the manufacturing/importing business of similar products that were not cellular, and the Clovis Router piggy backed on this existing technology and was able to produce enough routers for a pilot.

With the help of Dev Watson the CIO of Georgia Physician Group he was able to get his Clovis Router recognized as the preferred product for the reimbursable grant offered by the Trump administration for $250 million and also for Biden administration grant for $300 million. Supplying the hospitals in Georgia the needed routers for the grant would give Mack the volume needed for the opening order and then enable him to start supplying the Medicare physician market that is expected to become the next trillion-dollar industry.

Therefore, Clovis ai is looking for investment to fund the cost to private label the products and fulfill the pending orders. Clovis is needing $125,000 to private label the cellular transmittal device to supply the presold orders and seeking additional revenue to support the upcoming orders and marketing funds.

Supplying the needed products for the grant business is beautiful however not sustainable. The birds eye of how the business model functions is Clovis ai supplies the Medicare patients that has one or more chronic condition with a product that can monitor their health and transfer the information to the health cloud. Clovis charges $60.00 per patient per month for this service.

The beauty of the offering is that the doctor is reimbursed by Medicare and Insurance companies for $126 at a national average. Thus, after expenses from Clovis the doctor will profit $792.00 per patient annually without any out-of-pocket expense and with very little involvement. The average physician practice has 500 patients who qualify for RPM and will generate the practice an additional $396,000 annually.

Currently there are a group of twenty doctors who are part of the health care clinics in two states that is expected to sign up 800 to 1,200 patients. The financials attached to this offering is based on 1,000 patients signing up to Clovis ai.