Monday       4-11-2022


Explanation of Valuation for Stock

Listed By Owner Identity With Value Explanation

Title:              Mack Bryson

Ownership:    15% Voting Member Units

Value:            $900,000

Units:             900,000

Qualification of valuation;

Founder of product concept and the active CEO of Clovis. Mack Bryson recruited the people who surrounded him in his quest to create the cellular product for the reimbursement of 15% from Clovis.


 Title:              HME Technology Inc.

Ownership:    23% Voting Units

Value:            $1,385,000

Units:            1,385,000

Qualification of valuation;

HME Technology Inc.,  spent a decade to create the software platform and agreed to transfer a copy of the source code to Clovis and the cellular component source code. Included with the package is a Channel Contract allowing Clovis to offer the products as the owner. HME Technology  further agreed to transfer the BOM (when available) and the source of the manufacturer (when determine).  HME Technology has agreed to be reimbursed 23% of the company stock in exchange of the software and continued support.


 Title:              Anderson Health LLC

Ownership:    8% Voting Units

Value:            $480,000

Units:             480,000

Qualification of valuation;

Anderson Health invested $476,000 into the development and creation of two new products that have been tested and ready to be marketed within the USA. These items are offered to Clovis exclusively and will complete the cellular product line. Cellular BPCuff & Cellular Weight Scale that also includes the Inventory. 


 Title:              Smart Health 1 on 1

Ownership:    5% Voting Units

Value:            $1,300,000

Units:           1,300,000

Qualification of valuation;

Smart Health has invested a copy of the RTM software source code and a channel contract enabling Clovis to market the product as the owner. Included is the pill dispensing inventory.

Title:             Member Units to be Offered in Pilot

Value:            $500,000 Voting Units Set Aside For Pilot

Units:             500,000

Qualification of valuation;

20 doctors will be offered ownership into Clovis ai for their participation. 

Title:              Advisory Directors

Value:            $360,000

Units:            360,000

Qualification of valuation;

360,000 units have been set aside for partial reimbursement for the group of people selected to help manage the startup and day to day business of Clovis. Each manager will be given 50,000 units with the anticipation that the valuation of the member unit will be at 8 to 1 when the company is sold. 

Title:              Investor Member Units To Be Sold

Value:            $1,000,000

Units:            1,000,000

Qualification of valuation;

Units sold to the market for the initial investment needed for Inventory.