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The traditional model, known as fee-for-service, simply assigns reimbursements based on what services a healthcare organization provides. But in value-based care, reimbursement is contingent upon the quality of the care provided and it comes tethered to patient outcomes. This seemingly simple pivot of emphasis requires major changes on the part of healthcare providers. The old fee-for- service model encourages healthcare providers to fill as many beds and perform as many high-tech procedures, as possible. That succeeds in driving up the cost of healthcare, but it doesn’t improve patient outcomes. Clovis Router enables the care giver to receive the patient vitals as they occur without a delay in time with the need to connect to the cell phone for transmitting.

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Clovis offers cellular connectivity for a family of blue tooth home monitoring devices enabling no touch transmissions to the Internet. Enabling Real-Time transfer of data from the patient/user home to their health cloud without the need of user intervention. The personal data resides on a HIPPA Secure Server and is HL7 Compliant.

The all inclusive start up package offered by Clovis includes everything needed for RPM. The technical and clinical will be provided. This includes the 20 minutes of registered nurse provided remotely. Improved patient engagement can result in better disease management by giving patients the tools and support to self-monitor.

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The ability to monitor certain aspects of a patient’s health from their own home has become an increasingly popular telehealth option. Remote patient monitoring lets providers manage acute and chronic conditions. And it cuts down on patients’ travel costs and infection risk.

What is CPT code 99457 for?
CPT code 99457 covers the initial treatment management of the patient. This includes reimbursement for the first 20 minutes of time that clinical staff spends with a patient.
What is CPT code 99454 for?
CPT code 99454 covers monthly remote monitoring of the patient. This includes the supply and use of the medical devices used to remotely monitor and collect patient-generated health data (PGHD). This specifically means data transmission, and does not include time spent educating and setting up the use of the device.
What is CPT code 99453 for?
CPT code 99453 covers the time spent for the initial setup. That includes the onboarding of a patient for RPM services by clinical staff — in other words, the initial explanation of how the device works, and setting up a treatment schedule.


Medicare already offers separate reimbursement for RPM. The service is defined as the “collection and
interpretation of physiologic data (e.g., ECG, blood pressure, glucose monitoring) digitally stored
and/or transmitted by the patient and/or caregiver to the physician or other qualified health care professional, qualified by education, training, licensure/regulation (when applicable) requiring a minimum of 20 minutes of time.”

The new Chronic Care Remote Physiologic Monitoring codes are:

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